Robust and Detailed Reporting

Reporting is a top strength of the Ignition Wireless software. Reporting is available for every process and operation of the software. Canned reports that have been refined over years of use are readily available. Delivery methods include email and ftp with alerts when reports are available. Custom reports can be created to report and any required data and sent to key people at set intervals. Reports are available to users at all levels of the system but only show data for their level of access. Our top down approach is invaluable when reporting on activity at each level to manage your business.

Reporting Features

• Generate reports based on MVNO
• Generate reports based on dealer
• Generate reports based on location
• Generate reports based on time
• View reports in graph or list format
• Easily export reports to excel
• Canned reports include:
Daily Usage
Trouble Tickets
Bad Debt
Daily Cash
ILD Usage
Missing CDRs
Subscriber Totals
Wholesale Billing