Security Control

Security and access control is essential to our billing solution. The Ignition Wireless software has been carefully designed, segregated and locked down to meet strict PCI Data Security Standards. Access can be locked to specific IP addresses, passwords can be expired at set intervals and all system activity is tracked by user name and IP address. Reports are available to show the path, actions and history of any user and critical alerts can be sent to key people.


PCI DSS Compliance

Safeguarding data is always a top priority. The Ignition Wireless software has been engineered and architected to meet strict PCI Data security Standards. The Ignition Wireless software protects cardholder data by using double encryption technology, token based authentication, strong password requirements, and unique application IDs for logging and security access. PCI DSS compliance is a continuous process and is fully integrated into the development life cycle of the Ignition Wireless Software.



Our exclusive AFIDS Module (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System) is used to protect MVNOs against system penetration as well as MNO errors. This involves AI type programming that allows the system to self monitor and evolve using sophisticated layers of intuitive reporting, self monitoring, and self adjustment.


Access Control

Setting up new users is fast and simple with the intuitive interface. Each new user will get a temp password that they will need to access the system. New users will be prompted to create their own password when they log in for the first time. The users role, security level and department will determine what functionality and information is available to them once they access the software. User access can also be locked to specified IP addresses. Passwords can be reset and users removed if necessary.


Automated System Alerts

Automated system alerts can be set up to alert key people when necessary. Alerts can be configured for critical issues that include unauthorized access at any level, unauthorized access to the database or process servers, pause in rating, carrier operations that are processing slower than normal or complete connection failure with a carrier. Alerts can be set up for any failed process and sent to key people through SMS or email. Audible and visual alarms are also available when the key people are already logged in to the software. These system alerts are essential to operating and managing any back office solution.