Real Time Supplier Procurement Queues

Procurement Supplier Queues provide users with a real-time look into carrier activity. At a quick glance you can see how many orders and operations are being processed. Visible Supplier Queues include pending operations such as restores, suspends, ports pending, pending mobile number requests, orders pending fulfillment, returns and change requests. The queues are a powerful tool for managing carrier activity. Support teams can view, troubleshoot and update pending operations real-time. Valuable information is available to streamline communications with carrier resolution teams.

Procurement Supplier Queues Features

• Real-time at-a-glance view of current activity
• Easily open and edit pending operations
• Easily reprocess or clear failed orders
• Easily void pending orders
• Easily activate or reset an activation
• View job ID, device ID and feature codes
• Open orders are locked to one user for editing
• Filter results by MVNO
• Filter results by carrier
• Filter results by operation or desired value
• Fulfillment queue for one-up orders
• Real-time device verification
• Real-time error trapping